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What is the difference between a class, club, seminar, and course ?

  • Class is a generic term for all instructional offerings
  • Clubs is a yearly instruction that meets once a month on a topic, such as Lightroom, Adobe Elements, Corel PaintShop Pro, Computers, Genealogy, and Photodex (create shows)
  • Seminars meet once or up to three weeks in a row on a specific topic
  • Courses are a core basic instruction on the use of computers. There are courses for both beginner and intermediate students.

Will I learn hands-on with a computer?

A: All classes are hands-on unless noted otherwise. Currently, our lab includes 13 student PC’s, one big screen TV projection unit, and an overhead, as well as front screen projection for ease in following the instructor.

How many in a class?

A: Depending on the class, there are as many as 13 or as few as 3 students, with an appropriate number of coaches to assist.

How long do the classes last?

A: Two hours to 2 ½ hours with one coffee break.

How many weeks for classes?

A: Our structure consists of:

  • clubs, which meet once a month for a yearly membership
  • seminars, which meet once a week for 1 to 3 weeks, with one session each week
  • core courses, whick meet once each week for 4 weeks

How old do you have to be to take a class?

A: Classes are designed and taught for older adults by older adults. We do not have a fixed minimum or maximum age to attend our classes.

How can we suggest class subjects?

A: Send a request to:


How do I register?

A: Please register online for all AGE Computer Lab (ACL) curriculum offerings at AGE Computer Lab Online Registration Form. When you access the online registration form, first select the classes you wish to attend. The amount due for the selected classes will appear in the Total row. Then complete the Student Information and click on the Submit Registration button at the bottom of the page. You will receive instructions (both a web page and an email) explaining how to make payment.

Here are some of our Registration Guidelines.

  • AGE Computer Lab requires a minimum of three registered prepaid students to hold a class
  • Student's registration form and payment must be received at least two days before the first day of class; your reserved place is not confirmed until payment is received
  • Class fees are not prorated; direct all questions concerning cancellations and/or payments and credits to the ACL Registrar (
  • The number of paid registrants determine our class cancellation policy
  • If ACL cancels the class, registered prepaid students will be notified by email before the first day of class. Students can apply fee to another class or request a refund
  • If registered student cannot attend class, you must notify us not later than two hours before start of class. If we don't receive notice, you forfeit your class payment.
  • Late registrations and walk-ins will not be accepted; this does not give our instructors and coaches time to prepare to ensure the best teaching product we can provide

The classes are held at the:

  • AGE of Central Texas building (3710 Cedar Street) at the intersection of 38th and Cedar, room 131.
  • Cedar Street is between Guadalupe and Speedway. There is a parking lot behind the building that students are free to use.

Visit our website at for more information. Refer to Online Registration and Registration Guidelines for more registration details.

How do I select a class on the Registration Form??

A: The ACL Registration form lists the current class offerings.  The last column to the right is titled Select.  To select a class, you click on the small square box and you will see a check mark.   When you complete and submit the form, the selected class title will appear in the email you received.

Are there any fees?

A: Since we are a totally volunteer-driven non-profit organization, our class fees are minimal and earmarked for operating expenses. Class seminars start at $25.

How far ahead do I need to register for a class?

A: In order to provide the best learning experience possible, the volunteer coaches and instructors need time to prepare. Sign up online as soon as possible or at least 1 week in advance. Class calendars are posted in the first week of each month for the next month of classes. (current calendar)

How can I contact the registrar?

A: Send a request to: This web site will tell you more: Contact Us Web Page

What are my payment options ?

A: Credit card or Check. Sorry we can no longer accept cash. Checks can be made out to AGE and mailed. If you are in the building, you may drop your form and payment to AGE directly in the dropbox located on the computer lab office door (next to the coffee pot.) We now accept (and prefer) Credit Card payments. After you register online, you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay online via credit card.

If paying by check,

  • Print and sign the form
  • Write a check for Amount Due, payable to AGE
  • Mail the form and payment to:
    	AGE of Central Texas
    	AGE Computer Lab
    	3710 Cedar St, Box 2 
    	Austin, TX 78705
  • Or, hand-deliver the form and payment to the AGE Computer Lab, which is in room 131 at the address above.

How do I pay with a credit card?

A: For the detailed help information on how to pay by credit card, review How to Pay by Credit Card.


Where are the classes located?

A: All classes are at the AGE Historic Building in Central Austin, in a dedicated lab classroom at 3710 Cedar St, Suite 131, Austin, TX 78705. (link to map and directions)

Where do I park?

A: Click here to see a map to the building and parking guidelines. Parking is available on Cedar and Home Streets, and in the back parking lot behind the AGE building at 35th and Home Street. There are some handicap spaces in the back parking lot. If you want to be guaranteed a nearby parking place, contact the instructor or our office to get a permit for parking in the lot directly across Cedar Street. You may also park on side streets (usually Home and 35th) and walk. Note: Some places are restricted to cars with neighborhood street parking permits, so watch out for the signs.

I can’t come to the center, are there any other opportunities?

A: We provide home tutoring when possible with a set fee payable as a donation to AGE. Please contact us at 512-524-8519, or refer to our web site for the current rate. There's an additional fee for the volunteer instructor's transportation cost.

What is the bad weather policy?

A: If AISD cancels classes because of bad weather, then the AGE Computer Lab will also cancel classes. If there's a 2-hour delay, our morning classes will start at 10 am. Check with local TV, radio stations, and AISD for news of AISD cancellations.


Do you rent out the computer lab? What kind of fees and/or requirements?

A: We do sometimes rent out the computer lab. Fees start at $50 per hour plus security deposit and contract. The dates cannot conflict with regularly scheduled classes. Please call for further information.

I want to offer my time as a volunteer, how can I get involved?

A: To volunteer to coach, teach or help in the office, send a request to:









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