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AGE of Central Texas Building
AGE Computer Lab
Room 131
3710 Cedar St.
Austin, TX 78705

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We are in the block that is south of 38th Street, west of Cedar, east of Home, and north of 35th Street. Parking is available on Cedar and Home Streets, and in the parking lot behind the AGE building at 35th and Home Street. There are some handicap spaces in the back parking lot. If you want to be guaranteed a nearby parking place, contact the instructor or our office to get a permit for parking in the lot directly across Cedar Street. You may also park on side streets (usually Home and 35th) and walk. Note: Some places are restricted to cars with neighborhood street parking permits, so watch out for the signs.

The building has several entrances. There are a couple facing Cedar Street and one in the back facing the parking lot and Home Street. Come in any door. Walk down the hallway until you see our large "AGE Computer Lab" sign on the wall, between the copy machines and the sloping part of the hallway. Our room number is 131. Ask anyone if you need help.


The AGE Computer Lab direct line is 512-524-8519. As we may not always be available at the office, please leave a message and we will get back with you.
If you need to get a hold of someone taking a class (such as in the case of an emergency or urgent situation), please call the AGE of Central Texas main number, 512-451-4611, and someone may be able to help you.

Steering Committee :

Director: Roberta
Registrations Director: Daffnes
Calendar and Instructor Coodinator: Judy
Webmaster: Cheryl
IT and Hardware Director:
Lab Maintenance Director: Les
Member at Large: Steve

Register for a class:

Register online

Registration questions:

If you have registration questions, Send email to our Registrar

Feedback on our classes:

You will be asked for feedback at the end of every seminar or club.
Other feedback via Email: Send email with feedback

Request or suggest a new class:

Class Requests and Suggestions Coordinator : Send email to request a class

Get on a waiting list:

Get on a waiting list for a class that is full or you would like to know when it has been scheduled. We do our scheduling a month or 2 in advance. Send email to get on waiting list

Lab IT support:

Lab IT Coordinator : Send email to Lab IT Support

Volunteer to teach:

Instructor Coordinator: Send email to volunteer to teach

Volunteer to coach:

Volunteer Coordinator: Send email to volunteer to be a coach

Get on newsletter email list:

Join Our Email List

Feedback on this website:


General and Other Information:

For anything else related to the AGE Computer Lab, or if you would like to receive general information or contact our Director: Send email to get general and other information


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